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​​​ ​​​Mission Statement
Ferguson acknowledges that Education is the Key to the future.​

Mahi Tahi - meaning ‘working together’

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Strategic intent

Ferguson Intermediate School will be the school of choice for all students in Otara and the surrounding district


The above will be achieved through:

  • Improved delivery of the curriculum by developing and supporting quality teaching practice with emphasis on the school curriculum and the opportunities that could be offered to students.
    Confidence will develop in the classroom teaching within both year levels which will be reflected by improved engagement and rising achievement levels monitored through appropriate assessments in line with National Standards.
    Raising student achievement as a result of significant improvement with student attendance and engagement. 
    Maintaining a student focus on the values and life principles the school stands for and fostering the understanding of those expectations with students, the school community, wider community and stakeholders that support the school.

Key outcomes required:

  • Quality teaching within a modern learning environment will be enhanced by supporting teachers through the provision of both internal and external professional development. This will focus on both year levels within the school.
    A review of the specialist curriculum that includes the options available and how they will be delivered. This will encourage and provide for higher achievement at both year levels. 
    A strong emphasis will be adopted on building a learning culture within the school through the values (integrity, respect and aroha) it upholds. This will provide the foundation and understanding for improved student commitment, engagement and achievement. It will also lead to a better appreciation of the opportunities offered, students will have a sense of pride in the school and the value it adds within the community will be recognised.
    Appreciation of the school's culture will extend out into the community so that the school builds strong links with parents/caregivers, the wider community and other stakeholders. 
    It is the Board of Trustees expectation, for the longer term, that by embracing the community, people will value the school as the school of choice based extensively on the quality of education offered and the improved student achievement that follows.​
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